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Orgonita Energy: Restore Your Energy

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In the 1930s Wilhelm Reich made a discovery that, by combining organic materials along with inorganic materials and alternating the two, one could harvest negative ion resonance.  All materials, either in their natural state or processed, produce life force or living energy. Some radiate low-level vibrations, while others radiate much higher frequencies: Frequencies so high they can produce warmth upon touch. When organized correctly (with an orgone energy accumulator), this energy is called Orgone and the reason it is so important is because beyond gentle warming vibrations, its energy can counteract the effects of positive ion resonance. This means that products using Orgone technology can balance the vibrations felt by cellular technologies, radio frequencies, and other technologies. In a time when most people’s cellular phones are an extension of themselves, this healing energy is more important than ever.

Anxiety, fatigue, sleeplessness and increased heart rate are just a few of the symptoms resulting from exposure to high levels of positive ion frequencies.  While limiting exposure may be a solution, the reality is impractical at best. Most work environments are riddled with pollutants like fluorescent lighting, Wi-Fi, microwaves, and laptops. Most homes are near power lines, beds are framed with metal, and damp environments like showers and basements produce mold and mildew. These too are negative energy or "energy zappers".

Not to mention that living in a geopathic stress zone can also create dangerous, positively charged Deadly Orgone energy. Geopathic stress region exist where the electromagnetic field of the earth is distorted. This can happen due to natural causes like fault lines, underwater streams, or because of manmade disturbances like sewers and underground railway tunnels. And, while limiting exposure may reduce the unpleasant symptoms of positive ion exposure, what about the damage already caused?

The good news is that, because these energies are affected at an atomic level, they can also be repaired at an atomic level. It is much easier to disrupt water than it is to disrupt stone. When you slap water it is unbridled: It sprays, splatters, and moves. When you slap stone, it is unmoved and unwavering. The human body is composed mostly of water and while it is easily susceptible to damage, it is also easily susceptible to repair. Many users of Orgone technologies have reported, even from first exposure, noticeable improvement. Products designed to be worn, placed near the heart can calm a racing heart. Products placed in the home creating domes of negative ion energy can take once sleepless zones and transform them into restful spaces. 

A number of independent studies, examining the effects of positive ion resonance, through Kirlian photography which uses a technique called Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)—a technique that visually captures electrical discharges from conductors that are electrically charged, seen in images as often blue or purple “halos” or apparent “flames”—have shown empirical evidence of energy leaching the human body when subjected to objects such as computers or cell phones. Images show small “halos” around subjects before using cellular technology, then larger ones both during and after usage. Conversely, using GDV, when the same event is protected by an Orgone Energy generator—the Phone Radiation Shield—the subject appeared with a much smaller “halo”.  What these images showed was temperature ranges before and after exposure to cell phone radiation. With exposure, temperature ranges increased causing calcium ion leakage and high levels of glucose energy used. Glucose is vital for so many parts of the body, but when it affects the brain, fatigue can be felt and concentration may be affected.

Determining frequencies in your home or workplace can help you discover the areas or pollutants most responsible for energy lose. Using the Geoclense Orgone Generator along with the Lecher antenna, you can measure for instance cellular energy. Areas where readings appear the highest may be the best location for Orgone Energy protective products.

Orgone Energy products that may combat these energy zappers could include the mobile phone and Wi-Fi radiation harmonizer, which is placed on the back of your phone for protection or the Bamboo Orgone Blanket, which resonates protective and healing energy at a radius of 10 meters (33 feet).

Just listen to one of many happy Orgone Energy customers’ review: 

“I just remembered that I have bought an Orgone Water Ionizer Plate from your website way back in either April or March of 2014 and I took your suggestion into consideration about protecting myself from the eye strain caused by my computer’s monitor screen, so I decided to put the Orgone Plate on the back of my computer monitor screen and through the few weeks of testing it on my computer, I no longer experience the same eye strain that I was dealing with beforehand. I will eventually buy the Phone Radiation Protector but in the meantime I'm just glad I have the Orgone Plate protecting me from the radiation from my computer. Once I get my Samsung S3 phone back from the repair shop, I will look into getting that protection for my phone.Thank you for your time and for giving me the helpful tip that I needed to eliminate the eye strain problem.”  Mark, June 16 2016.

To conclude, Reich believed that Orgone energy was a life force, a source of life balance energy. This concept exists in other cultures as Chi, Reiki, or Yin. He was also under the impressions that disturbances to this energy were the source of most ailments both mental and physical. An Orgone generator can help protect you from Deadly Orgone energy and also restore optimal level of healthy Orgone energy to your body and soul.

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