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RESET Jaw Correction Frequently Asked Questions

RESET Jaw Correction Technique  FAQ

How Often Do I Need To Perform These TMJ Treatment Options On Myself Or Others?

The more often you use these TMJ Treatment options, the better you will feel.  As everyone is different and depending on the severity and the length of time you have had TMJ issues, the more often you need to do RESET on yourself.   However it does depend on the length of time you have had TMJ pain or an imbalance relating to your jaw.  The more often you do the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment, the better you respond to using this Treatment.

If you have a severe TMJ pain, we would recommend that you do at least 45 minutes of this amazing TMJ Pain Relief Treatment to assist to reset your Jaw on yourself daily.  You will need to continue to do this until you feel that your TMJ pain is balanced and is no longer causing you pain or distress. 

We also recommend that you drink two (2) litres of pure water or filtered water daily, to assist the body to release toxins.

How Often Do I Do The TMJ Pain Relief Treatment Once My Jaw Feels Better? 

Once you feel that your jaw is back in balance, then use the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment to keep your Jaw in top shape, by doing this on yourself once or twice per week on a maintenance basis, or use it when and as you require, such as when you are feeling unwell, have a headache or pain in the body.

What Else Can I Use These TMJ Treatment Options For?

You can also use the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment when you are feeling tired or stressed, when you want to just relax or if you want to get a really good night's sleep, or to quieten your mind prior to doing Meditation.  

 The TMJ Relief Treatment balances the entire body as well as the Jaw pain, so if you are very emotionally upset, starting to feel unwell, getting a sore throat, an upset stomach or are starting to feel unwell, you will be able to recover much faster you apply the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment twice daily. 

You may actually be able to stop yourself from becoming ill if you do this, or even prevent illness by using the TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Treatment on yourself daily.

Can Anyone Use The TMJ Pain Relief Treatment To Heal Themselves?

Yes, we all have the natural ability to heal ourselves, and healing energy naturally flows from our hands.  As soon as you place your hands on the TMJ Jain Relief Treatment correction positions, natural healing energy will automatically flow from your hands into the jaw muscles and in turn will actually balance all of the muscles in your entire body. 


Can I Feel The Energy Or Anything Happening While I Am Using The TMJ Pain Relief Treatment?

If you are in tune with energy, you will feel the energy flowing from your hands, and if you move your hands slightly around the positions, you will feel where the energy flowing there the most.  That is then the exact position to place your hands.  It is a good idea to sit in front of a mirror the first few times you do the RESET technique on yourself to assist you to get the positions right.

Do I Need To Say Affirmations Or Think Anything While I am Using This Home TMJ Pain Relief Treatment? 

You do not need to say any statements, nor do you have to place an intention or purpose in your mind beforehand.  The Universe, of course, knows exactly what you are doing and will allow Universal Healing Energy to flow through your hands and into your Jaw muscles as you are using this TMJ Pain Relief Treatment on yourself or others.  All you have to do is relax and let the energy flow. 

Doing The RESET Jaw Correction Technique On Someone Else

Do I Need To Sit Or Stand Up To Use This TMJ Pain Relief Treatment?

You can do the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment whilst sitting, standing, or if you wish you can lie down and do the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment, as this will make the treatment more therapeutic and even more relaxing. 

How Long Does It Take To Do The TMJ Pain Relief Treatment?

Do the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment on yourself with your eyes open a few times before you do it with your eyes closed.  You can just do half of the technique (45 minutes).  Do this two to three times first, before doing the entire procedure with your eyes closed (wear an eye mask or place a wheat pillow or scarf over your eyes.

Then in another sessions you can do the TMJ Pain Relief Treatment with your eyes closed, or do the whole procedure all the way through doing the eyes open first (make sure you do not close your eyes or fall asleep) and then with your eyes closed in one session.  This will take one and a half hours.

Using RESET Jaw Correction Technique On A Table

Do I Need A Reiki Attunement Or Any Other Attunement To Use The TMJ Treatment?

No you don't.  However, if you have already received such an attunement, that will be beneficial to you whilst using this TMJ Relief Treatment on yourself or others. 

We used to have to switch on peoples' healing energy many years ago when we first started teaching this technique with an affirmation.  However, with the changes and increases in the energy frequencies, we no longer require to do this.