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Orgone Energy Ionic Wand For Energy Healing

Ionic Orgone Energy Healing Wand



Ionic Energy Healing Orgone Wands

How To Use The Wands

Wave your Orgone Energy Healing Wand around close to your head in a clockwise direction for approximately 10 seconds, then close to you and as far away as three metres (someone else will be required to do this for you), behind you and anywhere within this range whilst focusing on your energetic fields, and are more effective than any other wands for sale.

Particularly run the wand around your neck to your knees, as well as all around your Liver, your entire Digestive system if a Candida Yeast and bacterial infection is prevalent.

In the event you that you are in pain and discomfort, wave the Wand around the area of your pain and up to one metre around the whole impacted region, as well as close to your body in the energetic fields until the intensity of your pain dissipates.  If you or the people you are working on are Energy Sensitive, you will actually feel this working.  

Use these Orgone Energy Wands in the same way for your pets and farm animals.  Orgone Energy Wands are wonderfully effective on children and animals.  Allow children to use it themselves as they will be more tuned into what is going on in their bodies.

Using The Wand For Food And Water Ionization

Tap water always needs to be energized before drinking unless it comes from a pure stream in nature, as do vegetables and fruit grown in areas subject to electromagnetic fields (EMF) or Earth Magnetic Radiation are often compromised in vitality and often needs to be cleared of this before consumption. This is where the wand comes in very handy.

To clear all of this, simply hold the wand  above and around any glass of water, wine or food for around 10 seconds.    No  other comparable wands  for sale can do this type of energy healing energetically, as well and heal the body.

Made from Acyrlic

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The Wand provides you with 10 metres of personal protection - carry it with you wherever you go!

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