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Natural Shell Orgone Pendant

Orgone Sea Shell Necklace


Orgone Shell Necklace

The Orgone Shell Necklace provides you with complete defense against electro magnetic pollution, electromagnetic radiation, and all varieties of dangerous and destructive energy.
This amazing Orgone Seashell Necklace is made from natural Kabibie shell; therefore, marks may appear on one side due to the shape of the shell where it has been compressed.  

Please note that these incredible Orgone protection products work even more efficiently with these slight imperfections, which is why most of our items are hand-made.
These excellent Orgone Shell Necklace delivers you with ten metres (for thirty two feet) of personal space and protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiation and all forms of detrimental Positive Ions.

The Orgone Seashell Necklace works by generating Negative Ions which cancel out harmful Positive Ions.


Dimensions:  3 mm thick X 33mm in Diameter.  Weight:  6 grams or 0.2 ounces


Provides you with a 10 metre energy protection bubble wherever you go wearing this Orgone Seashell Necklace

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