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If You Order This Later It Will Be Sent To You Programmed Into A Memory Card

Geoclense Universities And Schools Second Address Programming


Geoclense Universities And Schools Second Address Program

Your Geoclense Orgone Generator can now be programmed to include your children's schools and universities. This saves you purchasing another Geoclense Orgone Generator, which your childrens schools and universities may not wish to have plugged in anywhere.  

In order for us to do this, we require the address of the School you would like us to cover.  We then Programmed the Second Location via the Google Map address of the Second Location - this works similiar to the way radionics works.

Once the another address has been programmed into your Geoclense, when it is plugged into an active power point plug, your Geoclense will then harmonize and neutralize all the Geopathic stress and all the harmful energies at schools and universities where Geoclense Orgone Generators are programmed to protect, as well as your property where your Geoclense is operating, hence harmonizing and neutralizing all harmful energies for both properties.

Note:  For Schools and Universities only.  Only One Address Programme per Geoclense Negative Ion Generator.

Got further questions?  Orgone Geocleanse Device Frequently Asked Questions 


One School or University per Geoclense only.


Please provide the address for the School or University in the Notes section of the Cart otherwise you can send this to us via email from the Contact Us Page


If you order this after your initial Geoclense purchase, we will send this to you programmed into a Memory Card, otherwise it will be programmed into your Geoclense if ordered at the same time.

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